Over the last few years we have researched and developed this phenomenal, now patented, technology. Now enabling us to deliver a solution to the industry that no other company can.


Anyone can add solar PV &/or battery storage to a trailer. Anyone. The problem is that if the weight of a trailer increases by adding these in an attempt to off-set trailer fuel burn, then the fuel burn on the truck pulling the trailer increases, therefore likely offsetting fuel saved on the trailer. The illustration to the right shows the basic process, cost and environmental impact produced by the average reefer trailer today.

The problem.jpg
The solution.jpg


There has to be weight off-set. Our technology significantly reduces the energy burned by the refrigeration. This means we no longer need heavy a generator, fuel tank a related parts. We now have off-set, and trailer which can run up to 100% more efficient. The illustration to the left shows the basic process, along with the cost and environmental savings.