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The Xero team have been involved in the fixed building energy efficiency industry for over 8-years now, with combined experience spanning over 35-years.

Back in 2017, we conducted some groundbreaking work with a client in the Hollywood film industry to develop trailers for the film stars on remote film sets, this invaluable experience enabled us to recognized the potential for a similar solution in the temperature control logistics industry. An industry that has and remains lacking in serious innovation. Following a number of years of R&D and further in depth market research into the industry, the stage was set for the formation of Xero Logistics.

In addition to the vast potential of the temperature controlled trucking industry, it became apparent that the solution could offer significant benefits in developing countries. Taking Africa as one example, up to 70% of farmed crops and medical vaccines are lost in in this continent due to the inability to retain temperature control of the mobile storage and distribution over prolonged periods. To that end, we have made it one of our key missions to develop a solution which not only solves the humanitarian issue, but also the general pollution and fuel cost caused by temperate controlled shipping today. That solution is now market ready.or market.