Let the journey begin...

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The temperature-controlled logistics industry is an industry which has had very little innovation since the horses were put out to pasture back in the early 19th century. 

We now have the innovation to make significant positive change to this industry, reducing if not eliminating the need for fossil fuel, in turn satisfying the required environmental responsibilities of these companies. Moreover, providing a solution that conveys an average return on investment for the end user of around 4-years, with an expected lifespan exceeding 18-years.

Our company focus is to produce ‘off-fuel’ temperature-controlled shipping or storage trailers capable of being utilized across all relevant industries from supermarkets through to the military.  The potential is vast for this solution, moving the industry away from polluting and carbon-intensive processes toward sustainable, cost-effective systems that are better for the planet and the end user’s bank balance.

Our mission; to become the ‘Tesla’ of the mobile temperature-controlled industry.